Become a Combow Certified Installer and cable with confidence:

Applicants wishing to obtain Certified Installer status, can do so for free if they already hold a valid training certificate which accredits them to another U.K. cabling system or organisation that we recognise. Complete and return the registration form together with your current certification to receive your Combow Certified Installer Certificate. “Cabling with Confidence” could not be simpler.

Installer training:

A number of independent data installation training courses are available for installers not currently qualified to become a Combow Certified Installer. These courses can lead to City and Guilds 3667 qualification. The Basic Principles Course is the minimim requirement for certification and from thereon you can cable with confidence.

If you would like to add to existing installation skills or merely refresh your knowledge of current best practices, then consider attending one of the courses.

Available Training Courses:

One day course costing £195.00 plus VAT
Minimum requirement for a Combow Certified Installer
Three day course costing £675.00 plus VAT
Desirable but not compulsory requirement for a Combow Certified Installer
Candidates must have completed the Basic Principles Course
Four day course costing £878.00 plus VAT
Combined Basic Principles and Copper Cabling courses at a discounted attendance fee.
Combow Products and training can be purchased through any of our authorised Distributors.

Exclusive benefits include:

  • Competitive Product Pricing
  • Straight forward, free of charge certification process and no annual renewal fees
  • Access to City & Guilds level training courses at reduced course fees
  • Fast response to tender requests for projects
  • Technical support line from brand owner
  • On-line product information library for data sheets to include in OEM manuals
  • Recognised status as a Combow Certified Installer with access to the 25 Year System Warranty programme

How to Qualify:

Applicants can qualify if they already hold valid certification from a U.K. cabling system recognised by Combow C.M.S.

Alternatively, complete one of the independent training courses available through Combow C.M.S.

How to apply:

To apply for certification or training simply complete and return the registration form available from your Authorised Distributor or direct from Combow C.M.S.
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